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Hi Everyone!

I hope this day brings you waves of unlimited bliss and inspiration!

here are some news from your vital coach ;)


US 2011

So, I'll be in the US, California from Aug 23 to Nov 17 2011 - I'll be presenting some new "Vital Force" daily workshops at Burning man this year. That's Aug 29 - Sept 4 in the Nevada desert!

The latest news and videos on this trip will be posted here:



The last 2 months have been super productive on my side! After 2 months in India, I have been now in Switzerland, coaching as usual and as well publishing many new titles. I didn't make a final count but I must have now around 60 books on the site.

The full list is here:

It would be too long to give you here all the details of this super rich content but there is something essential you need to know:

For $99 you can get unlimited instant life time access to absolutely everything I create on the site, this includes, all ebooks, videos, audios and articles I created so far!

Of course, if you were buying all these products individually you would end up paying $1000+ for all that - that was last time I checked.

If you are not a vital member yet, I encourage you to get it now! At least check the page - you will be blown away by how much there is:



... and get unlimited coaching for free!!!

For many years now, I have been visiting my clients all over the world... I have been to Dubai, Paris, Shanghai, Spain all over California and many more exciting places!

The reason I went to these places is because there was a call! There was a need!

When I visit my clients I offer unlimited coaching in exchange of hosting.

If your location is not on my schedule, I ask you as well to pay for my flight to get there or contribute to my travel expenses.

It's something that I review cases by case.

So, if you want my help, my coaching, my input, my energy, we can set it up!

All You have to do is hit the reply button, tell me where you are and when it would be convenient to visit you.

My visit can vary anywhere from a few days to a month depending on your location and your needs.

This offer is especially for you if you live in California or the rest of the US.

I would be happy to visit the US East coast soon, so if you are open to the idea of meeting and my coaching is exciting to you, again, simply hit the reply button and send me a mail - we'll start chatting and explore possibilities...

Here is some video feed back from my hosts:

This will give you an idea of what you can get from hosting me



Of course, I coach while I travel - this means that I offer the exact same service all year round no matter where I am.

This is MY top priority!

I answer emails or calls within 24 hours max and you get access to unscheduled sessions with me usually straight away or within a couple of hours after contacting me.

Remember that when you get an "unlimited coaching" package, you get my cell phone number, you text me when you need me, I call you back, we can skype, chat, call, email!

I LOVE this technology! It's such blast to keep in touch that way and have instant sessions when you need them!

Here is the link to sign up:

And all the info you need about getting coached by me:


That's it for today!

I send you ecstatic cosmic vibes! We live on this fantastic planet and I am honored to share this adventure with you!

Talk soon!


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