Francisco Bujan? Who is this guy? - A quick bio update I just posted on my facebook

Love yoga, raw food, spiritual and personal development practices - Have been leading a nomadic life style for 20 years.

Now, fully engaged in empowering people - I coach full time, write, record videos and audios! I broadcast on Itunes and Youtube, sell my books on amazon, kindle, Ipads and feel boosted and energized by the unlimited bliss that hits me daily!

If you are in trouble, looking for meaning or simply want to optimize your existence, I want to help you! I am a pro life coach, 10 years of solid experience helping others boost their lives!

I send you Bliss! Bliss! Bliss! You deserve satisfaction and success with everything you do in life! The ultimate goal? Life mastery! Getting to a place where you own your life and no longer feel like a victim swallowed by events you don't control.

It took me 20 years of exploration of the mind, the planet and humankind to get to where I am now! I wake up incredibly happy, energetic and blissed out every day! Why? Because I trained my body and mind to be optimized. I take dozens of simple steps daily that boost my energy and clear my mind in a way or another.

It might be through my raw food choices, a simple breathing technique, a jog on the beach, a cold shower, a fresh lemon juice, an exciting conversation with a client or an ecstatic dance celebration!

I want to meet you! I am interested by your life, your challenges, your dreams, your vision! I want you to succeed! I want you to win!

Check my site! There is way, way more!

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