I really appreciate your eBook and MP3s. I'd say that it's been a tremendous help


Yeah, thanks for checking in....  I really appreciate your eBook and MP3s.  I'd say that it's been a tremendous help as I just went through a mostly mutual break-up with a girl I've had serious feelings for, really for a couple of years now.  There are plenty of things we struggled with, and truthfully, we both agreed it was best, but it's still been hurtful.

Your program has been great for me because instead of getting lost in my thoughts or dwelling too much, I've really been able to accelerate the acceptance and moving on into the future phase.  I've been doing great, and we're on good terms, and really I feel better with each passing day.

I keep your MP3s in the car just incase I begin to start drifting into unproductive thought patterns.  I totally love your approach and the directness you employ.  I have to say, I find that you're exactly right about all of it.

I'm grateful to know of your program, and I'm especially glad to have that as an encouragement for long road of positive change ahead of me.  The great news is that I've already learned quite a bit from the relationship, and I've let go of any hope that things will get back together.  I'm not sure what the future holds, but one things for sure, I'm not going to get stuck letting a situation like this take me out of the game.

Life is good.  I've got hope.  Your eBooks and motivational insights were just the right thing to keep me from swirling into an emotional confusion.

Thanks again !

I'm a believer, man."

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