If you want to make the shift to a raw food diet and sustain it easily on the long term, you will probably need this strategy! RELAX! Fanatical or extreme attitudes can bring you to a disciplinary edge and make you miss the point. If you want to get others to happily join you on this experiment, you can make some concessions here and there. Think about this: 0-100% how optimized is your body? I feel that's the question to really ask yourself - going raw is one possible way - for some people it is THE way but for some others, a mixed approach could be the answer! Respect! Tolerance! Relax! This is not a raw food contest! It is simply a quest for greater health, vitality and joy! If you feel your mind gets too rigid, relax, soften your choices and remain true to the REAL target: 100% body optimization! raw food is just one of the tactics you can use to reach that target!

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