The symbols of spiritual forces are everywhere in our cities. Here is an example in Geneva. On the left the female warrior represents GENEVA on the right, it is HELVETIA or switzerland. On Helvetia's shield, it says "One for all, all for one" - It's a profound call for unity. These 2 beings stand together and join forces to depend this land.

You can see these two beings as personified archetypes or as a symbol of reality - When I relate to a country or a city, I always look at it as an intelligent being, a very evolved spirit or angelic entity which oversees and contains the evolution of that specific city or country - For instance I consciously speak to goddess HELVETIA and thank her for welcoming me in that land and giving me so many blessings.

I communicate with this land in many ways, through speech, mantras, dance, movement, breathing, care, clear values, actions, etc. What I get in return is a sense of profound unity, connection with these places. As I write these words, I am overwhelmed with a deep feeling of joy and profound hear opening. This is an intense mystical experience for me that has been expanding over many years of practice as I swam in the crystal clear waters of the lake.

By the way, I have this type of connection with all the lands I visit, this year, I felt the same intense unity with the forces of the Sinai, the corls of the Red Sea Wadi Rum, Bali, Himalayan Valleys, this beautiful lake in Portugal, Haleakala on Maui, The Pacific, Kauai, Kalalau, Mauna Loa and so on.

This relationship expands as well to communities and individuals I encounter.

I experience it as a unification of energies where separation dissolves and I simply feel ONE! UNITED! That's YOGA! That's TANTRA! That's exactly what I feel more and more!

With Helvetia, this is way more than a childish romantic connection with a personified being. The personification, human like form is a symbol to give us a form we can easily relate to. In reality for me Hevetia is a complex spiritual force, network of energies, connected with Gaia, our planet Earth. It is its electromagnetic vibration, the sum of all emotions, thoughts and events that happened on this land, all the animals, life forms and energies flowing through it. And it is so much more than that! My mind can't fully comprehend its vastness!

This intelligence, the level of organic complexity of this conscious being goes way beyond our human intelligence!

In tribal behaviors, this relationships to the land, the forests, the deserts, the trees, the animal spirits are always there. What I am doing here is simply tapping into ancient shamanic practices actualized to today's modern reality.

This is an ongoing relationship with cities, places, countries and other types of super evolved entities we can relate to as human beings

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