- kamayama is a set of new emerging love codes - old outdated romantic patterns are ready to be upgraded to a whole new energetic reality! This is what kamayama is about!

- today, massive energetic breakthrough associated with kamayama in its refined form - breakthrough because a flow of totally centered juicy shakti energy embodied itself in me

Usually you tend to be polarized on the outside looking for this juice and validation from someone outside of you - this means that you tend to be vulnerable when rejection kicks in

With kamayama energy in its refined state, the neediness elements are wiped out and you end up master and empowered flowing with bliss and owning your space!

This was just an initial powerful glimpse - this experience will mature until it becomes this massive vibrant blissful body of totally sustained refined energy! Gorgeous! Ecstatic! Timeless! In the here and now!

- find the perfect answer for "What is vital sex?"

- What is vital sex? It is everything you want it to be

- possibility to creat a stronger vital sex system with specific techniques, branding, etc - is this the way to go? Follow the trade mark model, teacher training etc??? Fitness like model?

- Remove emotional load when talking about vital sex

- Recreating mind patterns connected with sexual energy - you have dozens of emotional responses and mind sets which are outdated and need to be totally reframed and energized in a new posture! That's one of the core vital sex challenges

- challenge - neediness and pushy pattern when guy gets attracted to girl - answer: slow down - don't project your fire and passion too intensely - listen! Take small steps - build up and match energy level - be calm, confident, comforting

- challenge - not being able to give love to someone who is not responding to your love - on that one friends and potential lovers come to a breaking point when attention and concentration on the potential couple is lost - the answer is not to claim someone who is not in a relationship with you - being locked in an immature energetic claiming response is an immature mistake

- challenge - feeling locked or limited when you are in partnership with someone - feeling limited in your freedom or controlled - the answer to that one is that you truly have to stick to what you are, what you have, respect your needs and desires without letting someone else's coercive power or pressure lock you in - in other terms, you can't allow someone else to control you in the name of sexual gratification - your sexual energy has to stay free!!!

- The whole point of both vital sex and vital force is to go to trance states and in these states to see life, bliss, vision, freedom! To be a channel of energy! Same as with trance music!! High energy! Trance!!!

- I want cosmic connection - galactivation - galactic activation - galactica activation - star activation

- I want creative freedom

- How to sustain the level of vibration, power, synergy, energetic connection that manifested in the last session? The alchemy will kick in over and over again! The possibilities for expansion are infinite and you could not only trigger this energy over and over again at will, you can as well take this energy to whole further levels inspiring thousands of people at the same time!!! There is no limit! The path is secure for you! The space is fully open! The energy that sponsored you and manifested in these sessions, the freedom that was triggered is ready to kick in any time the samagha appears! You are in service and we honor that, we recognize it, we want it, we are together, united in a common plan, vision, energy unit, we are one energetic planetary impulse with infinite power unleashing its flow whenever the opportunity is given! More spaces will open up!! Be ready!!!

- The last session showed the power of being super authentic, true, expressing love! Power! Being super real and playful in the session itself! Improvising, going with flow breaking patterns and structures,

- Demonstrate energetic connection building with a woman - show with man - with older woman - show the instant flow of energetic connection that can be triggered instantly - yes!!! Instant vibe! Instant connection! Demonstrate it!!!

- Go tribal vital sounds - with beat monkey chant like practices

- Derobing or unrobing ritual

- it feels like the biggest breakthrough was the kamasanas flow, going from pose to pose without interrupting the flow! That was great, it's new and was a powerful energetic activation - the term vital sex is now totally appropriated

- coaching questions towards the end - what to do when a couple faces a road block - lack of libido - how to break through - how to get them to practice something to cut through the road block - I need a vision on that one - I need a set of strategies! Help me with that!!!

- kamasanas - really activating - people got kundalini activated - a whole space there to expand - huge potential - shifting from practice to practice

- painting each other was very nice - unifying

- giving couples and individuals the power to be creative with that worked really well - I do it first - then they do it

- validation minute

- be a cat, wolf, tiger, fish, bird worked really well

- couples only sessions?

- kamasanas really powerful power oriented - shifting rhythms - rocking the pelvis - very energetic

- Creating a big pile of people was fun - engaging

- Star of people in the center - 5 people - the others go for sensual touch

- dancing erotic connection - eye contact - sensual touch

- Mythical dimension for tantric sex - shiva shakti - trigger the magic with body paint - mantras

- Celestial talk - celestial whisper dance - sometimes conversation doesn't work

- Mythical play - walk around connecting in non verbal ways - whispers - dance -

- Be superconductive! Destroy judgement - can I reveal myself to you? Clear the way!!! Remove the obstructions

- be superconductive - "yes and" game

- Shaktiyama rajaya - mantra for mastery of shakti - invoking it and using it at will

- From all the practices the kamasanas in circle were the big break through! That's the new element - it's erotic and powerful

- breathing in circle - dynamic and erotic

- Touch your own body in sensual erotic ways

- kamasanas in circle - worked fantastic

- validation minute - 2 men for one woman - validate

- 2 man gentle touch on woman - massage

- 2 circles - women on inside - guys on the outer circle - eye contact - breathing - touch - dance - whisper

- Same women inner circle - men outer - practice no - practice yes

- women one side - guys opposite - men walk towards women expressing your power and confidence - women walk to guys expressing your feminity

- ask for feedback either live or Facebook wall post

- more participation is empowering paint and blessing on body + dearmoring

- do their own painting

- jaya to the sky - nice closing

- intro group massage - erotic one on one dance

- Honor Kaliciosa in the beginning - give her the mic for 5 min

- Men or those who are unpaired taken care by Kaliciosa

- Give lots of freedom to the couples and then check with them individually if they need some guidance

- You are safe - your boundaries will be respected!!!

- I trust you! Trust your instincts - you are your guide - you are the expert of your own sex life!

-Your Sex life is in YOUR terms, not mine! Take control of your sex life and trust yourself

- How to select who plays with who...

- If people want to shift partners... Still need some ideas on that...
Partner the ones who want to shift

- Go around offering mantras and paint on body - allow them to paint on each other

- create a train of people - sitting behind each other - cyclic movement


On vital force - Blessings on person - most powerful - more time for that


Enter the bliss zone




Vagra - men's sex



- Training of your sexual energy
- Expanding your sexual potential
- Opening your sexual space
- Freeing your sexual energy








- Sexual freedom
- Free your sexual energy
- Activate your sexual energy
- Expand the sex play space
- Expand your emotional space
- Challenge your boundaries and edges
- Clear shame, guilt, traumas , negative emotions associated with sex
- Sexual healing / harmonization
- Explore sexual boundaries
- Body activation
- Chakra activation
- Sensual play
- Deep connection
- Find ease
- Fears exploration



- Sensual greetings
- Sensual shower touch / group on one person
- Synchronized breathing
- Blindfolded hand play
- Blindfolded body play
- Blindfolded tasting
- Blindfolded kissing
- Yab yum
- Third eye activation / touch / couples / group
- Unveiling rituals
- Derobing practice - neutral / no intention
- Energetic activation
- Touch zones exploration
- Genital touch / sexual stimulation / sexual activation
- Dominant play / challenging touch / aggressive touch / fighting play / edge exploration
- Practice rejecting (group, couple, internally
- Practice being rejected
- Practice saying yes
- Practice being allowed
- Couple synchronized Dynamic breathing



- Pictures / Khajuraho / Sensuality
- Music
- Incense
- Pillows + Blankets
- Fire
- Sensual foods / tastes
- Oils
- Scents
- Scarfs / Turbans
- Calligraphies
- Kum kum powders / Paints / Brushes /
- Wet wipes



- not too much talking
- soft warm presence
- background soft music
- simple practices
- simple short instructions
- shibari - Japanese bondage - roap techniques - shibari more dominant game - subtle balance between dominance and reassurance



- Edge pushing junkies
- Find your power match!
- Masturbating on processing
- Old content
- Future tripping
- Plansturbation
- Dropping in


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