All set for the next few months! Hihaaa! Off to Egypt this Tuesday, will be there Dec 11 - Jan 6 - Attending the great convergence event Dec 20-22 - After that off to Thailand (prob Koh Pangan) Jan 7 - Feb 15 - Bali comes next! Feb 15 - Mid April! - Will be at Bali spirit festival March 20-24 -

If you're a client, remember that I keep coaching no matter where I am - If you live in these areas, you can invite me and get my coaching free! + The offer to travel and energize together is open as always! You can meet me at my bungalow on a Thai beach or in the jungles of Bali and we will boost whatever needs energy in your life! My calendar is right here:

Stay Tuned! Love yah!

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