Rajaya Tantra is a complete system of life mastery.

Tantra = Teaching

Rajaya = Victorious fire

Rajaya Tantra = The teaching of the victorious fire

I initiated this new tantra/yoga lineage or rather that lineage was initiated through me in the spring of 2012.

It is my Eastern transmission body.

This means that you can take the totality of the content of and put that within an "Eastern" body of transmission.

With Rajaya Tantra, there is more focus on community, free flow of transmission, body activation, energetic transmission, etc.

To clarify I use the word tantra in a large sense, not the way it used in the West as almost exclusively sexual practices.

In Rajaya Tantra, the sexual dimension of the activation is there of course but it represents only a fraction of the overall Rajaya Tantra stream.

So far, here are some of the aspects of Rajaya Tantra that emerged over the last few months:
  • Kamayama = Vital sex or sexual mastery
  • Yudhayama = Vital fights
  • Body activation 
  • Galactivation
  • Life mastery mantras
  • Etc.
Each of the aspects I just mentioned are streams within the Rajaya Tantra systems and aspects I am actively developing.

They are intimately interlinked or intertwined.

I do structure these ideas in this conceptual descriptions simply to keep track of how the Rajaya Tantra system is evolving so that we have a mental frame of understanding and model we can refer to

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