I believe that as a human race, our power has just been multiplied.

I believe that the best way to create our future is to start by envisioning it and holding that vision.

When the law of attraction came out a few years back, most people focused on very personal goals!

I want more money, a huge house, millions of $, I want this person to fall in love with me, I want to manipulate people into buying what I have to sell, and so on.

These are the classical type of goals I saw people focusing on.

A bit "selfish" right?

Let's try again!

This time, let's envision global goals! Let's focus on targets which are way vaster than ourselves.

Let's see what happens if we hold the vision of our future as a human race.

To me it doesn't matter if others follow or not!

It is simply my responsibility to start and see what happens when I go that way.

It's challenging to create a new era and make powerful changes in the way we function as human race if we can't envision the future.

I want to see what happens when we envision the future!

Envision the best future we can!

I call this the oracle power!

Fell inspired to play?

Maybe post your own vision of the future in the comments, repost this message, or create whatever you want that reflects this same idea.

The core idea is


I am convinced that if we can see it, it it's a shared vision, it's a first solid step for it to happen!

Then comes a chain reaction of actions leading to this vision

By creating this vision we create the background energy, the plan for what this future looks like.

Its like a road map for our destiny.

Want to play?

Here is what came to me when tuning into this vision...

What is YOUR vision of the ideal future?


All around the world, entrepreneurs and businesses are waking up!!!

The way business has been run is changing high speed!

From now on it's care before profit!

Entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, all the people in charge in business and government level now care for the planet and humankind more than they care about profits!

They see the consequences of their actions!!!

They want their teams to be empowered, have more freedom and space, holidays, creative space.

They free people's creative power by trusting them!

Businesses care and they see the larger picture and impact of their strategic choices!

False advertising disappears.

You suddenly know as a customer that businesses are doing their best to keep you empowered and healthy.

In the food industry ingredients that are bad for health are being removed.

White sugar is taken out of all processed products.

Cancer generating additives are removed!

The ones in charge see the consequences and decide to start taking action!

Everything is going so fast now because it is suddenly cool to care!

More power is given to those who care!

Governments start making the right choices to empower people, create more freedom and serve the people.

Politicians are in service to people of their country.

Borders between countries are slowly being removed.

No one needs a visa to visit a country anymore.

You can now go to any country without a visa and stay there for as long as you want.

On a humanitarian level, fresh clear clean water is provided for anyone on the planet.

Instead of buying more weapons, governments invest in taking care of their people.

Fresh water systems are developed everywhere!

This has become a high priority target for all governments!

Rivers are being cleaned!

People have total respect for the environment.

No garbage is thrown in nature anymore.

The seas are being cleaned.

New systems are developed to clean plastic out of the ocean!

It is a total success!

New materials are developed that totally replace plastics, that are safe and biodegradable.

Wars are ending everywhere.

They are replaced by respect and tolerance.

New technologies are now tapping into air, sun, water and more for propulsion.

Technology is advancing very fast and fossil fuels are no longer used.

Global warming has been stopped and the planet is getting into balance again.

Education encourages free thinking and creative power!

Instead of creating kids and adults who are just tamed, the new education system creates space for freedom and teaches life skills, emotional intelligence, survival skills, contact with nature and more.

Kids are being empowered all around the world.

Abuse of children and teenagers has stopped.

All the sex slavery and other forms human trade have disappeared.

We enter in a new era!


What is YOUR vision of the ideal future?


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