Gateways to freedom

Freedom is what you get when you totally clear the way.

Where is your shadow side?

Is there any part being that you don’t dare to check and explore?

When you free the channels of your sexual energy, you trigger unlimited freedom in all aspects of your life.

Sexual energy is a power you can unleash and use to open and protect this freedom.

Sexual energy is here to free you!

This is the aim of these practices!

It is to open your channels of life force and increase the flow of energy, power and bliss in your being.

In this stream, negative and locked emotions are removed.

Your mind gets clarified.

Your relationships harmonized.

You enter in a whole new era in your existence because you stand in a whole new ground.

You cultivate that space by activating this stream through frequent practice.

Vital sex is synergized by similar activities that lead to the same type of blissful results.

Vital sex goes very well with raw food, yoga, martial arts, artistic expression, dance and movement, harmonious relationships, and all sorts of daily energy building approaches.

It unleashes your creative power by activating your imagination and freeing lots of energy in you.

Simplify your existence!

Take action to optimize the way you live and use the juice you create in vital sex to manifest a frictionless stream of energetic bliss!

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