This is one of the nectars of my life experience so far!

It is this flow of freedom!

The power of destruction that you invite in your being to free energy and create space!


That's it!

It's not preservation of the refined past space!

It is total detachment, awakening in the impermanence.

The truth is simple!

That past events are over and new ones are ready to begin, in the most magnificent essence of life!

What can stop you from embracing these NEW events is being stacked in the past and wanting to recreate what just disappeared!

NOW! NOW! NOW! This is exactly where you want to be, not the past!


Because the past can only nourish you with a very small stream of life!

Memories are not enough!

You want something vaster! Way bigger!

That's called the present moment!

No matter how incredible the past was, the moment it is gone, new incredible opportunities emerge right now!

To wake these up and create space for them, you call KALI!

Kali is the destroyer! The annihilator!

That's the force that creates space in your existence and clears the way!

You might have your own mind tricks to do that! I don't know!

The point is fresh clear space! Emotional freedom!

And to do that, you need lots of destructive fire!

You must own your power of destruction to free your mind and start over every day with a fresh canvas!

This is the power of renewal!

You own it!

Use it!

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