Under the Sun
A Community Gathers
And the Truth Manifests
Initiation is Given
Which Triggers the Vision of Life
A Teaching is Created
That manifests in a Spiritual Center
This is the path of Rajaya Tantra

This is a new mantra that I developed in my 2012 trip to Hawaii.

It emerged as I was trekking through Haleakala (on Maui), Kalalau (on Kauai) and Mauna Loa (on Big Island).

It summarizes the path of Rajaya Tantra that I initiated in the Himalayas in the spring of 2012

It expresses the fact that Rajaya Tantra is a path that starts from the sun and brings a group of people together.

Once this tribe gathers, Truth manifests within them and Touches/Initiates each person.

This initiation triggers the understanding or vision of life.

A teaching is created which is is the reflection of that experience.

From this teaching and group of people, energy radiates out and this creates a spiritual center of energy.

This is the story of Rajaya Tantra which is the Teaching of the Victorious Fire.


Victorious Fire stands for awakened state of energy.

It is the same as being in a state of Kriya or a state of Awakened Kundalini.

It stands for Life mastery or Energy Mastery.

The best way to experience Rajaya Tantra is not to figure it out mentally.

Your reasoning abilities are limited when it comes to these topics.

Trying to understand it with your thoughts is like trying to feel the water while standing next to the sea.

The best way to experience Rajaya Tantra and understand what it truly is, is to jump in the water and experience its energy.

One of the most direct ways to experience its energy is to use a mantra like this one.

I will post more of them.

A simple way to integrate this energy is by singing the mantra!

You learn the words, be aware of what you are actually singing and start practicing it.

Don't mentalize it! 

Simply do it!

It takes maybe a week of light practice to easily remember the mantra.

It takes a month of practice to integrate its energy.

I am talking about 5 min practice/day.

You can practice it in a disciplined way or more relaxed way.

For instance, you can sing this mantra while you swim in the ocean, go for a walk or do some training.

If you practice Hatha Yoga, you can as well whisper or sing these words while holding a pose or transitioning from pose to pose.

The possibilities are infinite.

Another way to integrate this energy is to write the calligraphy on your yoga mat or other objects around you.

You can write it on your water bottle or your lap top.

The spirit is smart and will start working on this energy as soon as it gets a hint.

This is like a vitamin pill that goes right where it is needed.

This mantra reshapes your mind, thought patterns, frees you and aligns your neuro pathways with these specific codes.

This mantra is a gateway!

It is a set of life codes that activates a very specific energy reality inside of you.

It triggers a new flow of sponsoring forces that help you and direct you in life.

Once it is part of your system, it impacts on your whole energy system, mind and body.

It triggers ideas and a life flow that aligns you with your long term destiny line.

This mantra can be the core guiding force of your evolution or it can be a support stream in an evolution line that you already practice.

The reason I create these mantras is because I am guided from within to do so.

My life is dedicated to the planet, humankind and our galaxy.

I have no personal agenda in giving you this technique.

If you feel inspired to use it, that's great!

If not, I am totally ok with this too!

If you want to modify it and ad your own touch to it in whatever way you feel inspired to, you are welcome to do so.

I am only a channel giving you this message.

What you do with this message is totally up to you.

I trust your instinct and I know that the invisible will guide you in the right direction.

At the same time, if you feel inspired to connect with me to dive deeper in these practices, I am here to help you! 

Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Also, if you used this mantra and feel inspired to share your experience with me, feel free to do so. 

Your feed back is priceless and helps me design Rajaya Tantra according to your needs, ad new techniques and information when needed.

I love you!

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