I wish I could be in a more permanent state of bliss for longer periods instead of waves

If that's what you want, simply say it! vocalize it! express it in whatever way you want!

"I want to be in total bliss all the time! Guide me! Show me the way"

That's the kind of prayers I have been sending out for years!

Years ago, after 10 years of solid spiritual training, my energy shifted!

Now, I am happy and blissed out all the time!

Bliss is energy!

The more energy you have the more blissed out you are!

Be a master of your energy and you are in bliss always!

Energy is like a muscle that you train!

You have hundreds of ways to open channels of energy inside of you!

You just need to activate them!

Right now you are probably still in the wishful thinking phase... "I wish..."

What you don't realize is that it is in your hands!

You want it? Go and get it!

Absolute total bliss, joy, power, presence!

All you have to say is...

"I will do whatever it takes!"

I am a master! I can train you!

All you have to do is ask

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