See, this where it all starts.

Imagine you are in a social situation.

Can you affirm things like
  • I love sex
  • I want more sex
  • I want to be sexually free
  • Here is what happens to me when I orgasm
  • Here is what works best to bring me to orgasm
  • Etc.
These are sexual conversations!

While most people are excited and deeply interested by the topic, it tends to often be hidden in shame.


Because society has projected waves of shame and guilt on sexual pleasure.

As if pleasure was a sin!

Can you see that?


What's wrong with pleasure?

It feeds us!

It makes us happy!

It energizes us!

It connects us!

It empowers us!

Who thinks sex and pleasure are a bad thing?


Check it out!

What comes up for you?

I'll start another post to dive deeper into that

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