Sexual activation session
  • Invitation and context
  • Tantric sex temple, candles, incense, music
  • Sensual gentle touch - whole hand and fingers
  • Fresh fruits
  • Elixirs
  • Synchro breath
  • Undressing
  • More gentle sensual touch
  • Massage oil
  • Intentions, boundaries, feed back
  • Sexual activation
  • Thank you/Gratitude/Blessing/Dissolution/Transition/Release (what term?)

The actual sexual activation part can be directed to various approaches
  • Breathing
  • Sound
  • Energy activation
  • Chakra activation
  • Sensual touch
  • Yoni massage
  • Clitoris activation
  • Sacred spot massage
  • Dearmoring
  • Penetration
Various aspects of these approaches will of course overlap in a session

Is the term "session" the right term?

Not sure yet, what else is possible.

The woman I am sharing the session with or receiving the session is my TANTRIC PARTNER

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