Your awakened energies rise way beyond my expectations and this inner pulsating rhythm is so strong and aligned!

I love this erotic spirit, fire waves that give us full permission to play!

The fire is burning wild and rising in my whole being right now!

I am taming it and playing it with passion, staying totally safe, taking time to pause and making sure I nurture every connection, honoring the refined flow of galactic trance in every second that manifests!

I am here to embrace and activate every aspect of your being, no shadow will be hidden!

I feel you free, open and trusting, so ready to show me the multiple dimensions of your inner spheres!

I invoke the spirits, gods and goddesses to guide us in this magical adventure, journey to energetic euphoria, in a wild stretch and exploration of our full magical potential!

May our beings rise magically synergized in this refreshing whirlpool of ecstasy!




I feel that the spirit is creating a space for us, a magical location, a whirlpool of fire and bliss!

Glastonbury comes to mind.

I haven't been to the UK's magical spots

A magical awakened location would be wild!

Deep feeling that this energy we tap into is a ritualistic initiation stream, bringing us together to invoke ancient sacredness and actualize it in today's energetic reality!

We will enter this temple together to receive the perfected seeds of human awakening codes using fully activated sexual trance.

This initiation could be for us or a small tribe! Let's stay open and receptive, listening, dancing in this delicious activation.

Forces of the invisible! Guide us!

We are in service to a plan that is way vaster than ourselves!

Thank you!

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