You are a guy.

You see this woman on the side walk.

You like her.

What stops you from approaching her?

Why is there an instinctual program in you triggering approach anxiety?

That's what probably 99% of men will experience at that moment.


Why was that program designed by instinctual nature?

Here is a possible explanation.

There was a time where humankind was putting too much energy into sex.

Society and civilization needed to be built and to do that we needed to redirect some of our creative drive from sex oriented activities to civilization building activities.

So, new patterns were designed in the human mind.

These were the "you shall not commit adultery" and "shame around pleasure" patterns were designed.

I believe that the "approach anxiety" pattern was one more instinct that woke up around that time.

An approach is perceived as an invitation to sex.

It is like saying openly that you are sexually interested in someone.

So to slow down all this sexual activity, this energetic or instinctual barrier, anxiety emotional response was created.

Today, this energetic barrier is still active in human consciousness.

At least 95% of people on this planet will experience some form of anxiety before randomly approaching someone they are attracted to.

What do you think?

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