The goal of these sessions is to free and activate your sexual energy.

I have a whole variety of tools that I use, some of them are body work, energetic activation without physical contacts, if needed we go more into conversation too.

We identify targets when we start and go from there.

You give as well clear boundaries about what you want and what you don't want

So it's more a cocreation based on your agenda, what YOU want to experience rather than my agenda.

If you have a suitable private space not too far away, I can come to your place.

Because I am testing a lot of new techniques, I am happy to offer you these sessions for free at this stage, while I am still testing and activating various approaches.

Evenings 8 to 10 pm are ideal.

Mornings are an option too and works best than afternoons for energetic reasons but that's open too -

Contact me if you have any questions

About Shiva Rajaya

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