When you step out of traditional commercial agreements, many transactions start taking place that have nothing to do with exchange of money!

You can offer something of value to someone and then get rewarded in many different ways.

It can come from the person you helped or it can come from totally different sources!

It is not even a reward, it is a circulation, transfer or flow of energy!

And it is totally organic!

The idea as well of unlimited streams of generosity is powerful as well and I often experience it in various aspects of my life.

Right now, RAJAYA TANTRA or VITAL TANTRA which are the spiritual bodies for VITAL COACHING could take many directions and be purely based on donation or free transmissions or unlimited streams of generosity in which money is not even brought up.

You see, in spiritual traditions, when you lock a connection within the limits of a commercial agreement, you might actually go against the natural flow of the spirit.

Or maybe not.

At these stage I don't have all the answers yet and am being guided very intuitively by the natural flow of the spirit.

The way VITAL TANTRA will find its roots in this world will be a natural flow and reflection of guiding and organic forces that are at play right now.

It could be a strong commercial structure to give power and direction to this new lineage or it could as well, follow totally different streams of organic exchange!

The spirit will tell us which way to go!

I am listening!

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