Rajaya Tantra is an energy vehicle!

What does that mean?

That it sustains, your body, mind, energy, thoughts, beliefs, all life frames you need to optimize your life on this planet.

Imagine Rajaya Tantra as a source of pure formless energy that incarnates itself through you.

The interaction between you and this energy create your life vehicle.

Rajaya Tantra can be your main life support structure or energy base or it can be a side stream to complement another tradition you already work with.

Any practice I give you along the line of Rajaya Tantra is simply aimed at anchoring the Rajaya Tantra vehicle in you.

Why do you need a vehicle?

You already have one in the form of your personality or training or education or social circle.

This vehicle or various vehicle depending on how you like at it are the ones you use in various situations.

Usually one of these vehicles will be your main one.

It could be your profession or a deep project you are engaged into.

Rajaya Tantra is a spiritual vehicle.

It can become your main life line if you become really passionate about it.

This means that it gives you the tools to master energy and the invisible.

It aligns you with life mastery in its many aspects.

And the base of that specific vehicle is spiritual.

It is aligned with the traditions of Yoga and Tantra.

About Shiva Rajaya

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