If you get get your pressure points activated with full power by 5 persons at the same time, you will experienced tremendous physical pain and at the same time fantastic energetic release that leads to a state of bliss.

I tried it!

I saw a dozen men going through the exact same experience!

Believe me! It works!

It's an exhilarating experience!

These are modern dearmoring techniques in which the accumulated tensions in the body are released and you experience an amazing energetic freedom space straight after that.

It can be compared to a deep tissue massage that takes you all the way to bliss!

It can as well be compared to extreme physical efforts that lead to this inner energetic sensation of incredible achievement.

Why include vital pain in the vital fights?

Because pain is a conflict between 2 realities.

your pressure points are being pushed.

It's like some hitting you!

You can slap each other a few times consciously to attain a similar simultaneous experience!

When in the Himalayas, I often slept outside in my little tent with a very thin sleeping bag, freezing like crazy at night.

This is another experience that triggered in me a tremendous flow of life force in which energy streams through my system.

I have been jumping in cold lakes in the winter at night while temperature is 5 below! I had to break the ice to get in!

When coming out of the water, I jogged for 10 min in freezing winds to let my body dry.

The impact of the cold water is equivalent to physical pain.

It triggers a massive flow of survival life force that kicks in as a response!

The body and the mind engage a whole new set of resources which are not activated when you stay in your comfort zone.

More to say on this!

Coming back soon with more!

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