Mastery is not about learning facts!

It is about being able to navigate life with a sense of mastery of everything that comes your way!

For instance you can have all the information about sex and still be pretty useless at playing with it!

You can have all the information about swimming and still not know how to swim.

VITAL TANTRA is not knowledge based!

It is experience based!

In VITAL TANTRA experience matters way more than facts!

Can you see the difference?

Here is another example:

You might have read many books on playing guitar and still have no idea how to play.

Music is an art form!

Of course some knowledge helps!

Being able to read music is important.

But in that art, mastery probably comes from 95% experience and 5% knowledge.

Maybe even 99% experience and 1% knowledge.

I believe tantra is way more of an art form than it is an accumulation of facts!

If it's the case, why is it that when people want to learn about tantra, they will buy books or surf the net looking for information.

You can spend years trying to experience Alaska by reading books about it or you can just buy a flight ticket and get there!

Why do you tend to go mental when you want to learn about tantra?

Because it feels safer!

Reading a book about it is not much of a risk!

Jumping in the tantric pool and experiencing it can feel way more challenging at first!

If I invite you to join me in an Himalayan trip to high snowy valleys would you come? 

Is it easier to join me in a tantric journey or to stay comfortably sitting in your living room reading about it?

Which one has the greatest value?

The experience of course! Right?

You might come back from a trip with me  and when people ask you about tantra, you might say:

"I can't even describe it or find words for it, but now I know what it is! I know by experience! I feel the energy of it"

That's being a mystic!

Discovering by experience!

See what happened?


Tantra is an art!

Yes it is knowledge as well but the experience is way more precious than any fact about tantra!

Being able to master life's situations is the aim of the tantra I am aligned with!

Life mastery!

Being in a place where your life is optimized in all areas at 80-100%.

This means being satisfied, having a sense of control, mastery, optimization or direction in all main areas of your life.

How will you gain this mastery?

It won't happen from the comfort of your living room!

You must engage!

You must live!


If you want to experience tantra, there is no way around it!

Trying to understand it with your head won't work!

You must go beyond thoughts and reason and start playing with intuition, instincts and energies!

If you want to experience it, you must play!

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