When you wake up lots of fire and fresh energy, you destroy old frames!

Now how do you merge these fresh energies with society's existing structures, daily life, cities and modern life styles!

The world is there!

If you want to be happy, you need to integrate!

This means bringing all this tantric fresh juice all the way into the core of creation!

When fresh energies wake up, the tendency can be to enter in energetic conflict with friends, family, neighbors, society's existing structures or institutions and so on.

Instead of going for conflict, I highly encourage collaboration, integration, transformation!

We are one tribe!

One humankind!

To raise the vibration of this planet, we need to work together not against each other!

Get that?

With greater power comes greater responsibility!

Tantric energy and newly gained inner freedom gives you power!

Lots of it!

Now you need to tame that power, develop values that are aligned with the vaster purpose for the planet and humankind!

This means caring for each other no matter what your culture, race, gender, age or beliefs are!

We have one thing in common with every other human being on this planet!

It is called life!!!

We share common essence!

The sense of separation with others is a temporary state related with human incarnation!

Each time you can unite instead of separating, do it!

Do it with your whole being with live and respect!

You are wise, right?

Use your wisdom!

Be smart!

This more than tolerating other human beings!

It is identifying with everything our human brothers and sisters experience!

We are a 7 billion strong family!

Work together!

Love each other!

This is the spirit in which we integrate our  newly gained power!

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