I am going to post a few personal insights concerning my energy level this morning when engaging in energy practices.

Was feeling a big energy block.

It feels like your body is in this state of not wanting to move.

That's basically what many people encounter when it comes to training and physical activity.

You look for excuses not to move your body and do all sorts of other things except activating yourself.

Why is that?

Because as soon as you move your body, it brings fresh energies and these energies challenge your present energetic state.

Your body is probably processing some toxins or in the digestive mode or maybe simply in the healing mode.

I observed this resistance and simply moved forward in action the way I usually do.

This situation is totally common for everyone.

I wanted to analyze in detail the source and state of mind when you face energetic physical blocks like this one and especially where they come from, how they manifest in your body.

There are different possible causes for these blocks

  • Overeating - I didn't eat huge amounts of food but had maybe 20% more than usual - Had some fruits and cereals before going to sleep
  • Lack of sleep - a few late nights
  • Too much sugar in various forms like raw pies that I had, raw chocolate or some smoothies - I am not talking about white sugar, maybe dates or honey that might have been added to these deserts
  • Dried raisins - started adding them again to my energy mixes
  • Yogurt - Had some in the last few days
  • Some unactivated nuts or seeds like cashew based raw deserts - This could trigger an energetic block on the digestive process?
  • Wheat in the cereals I used?
  • Tropical heat and humidity - slows down your metabolism
  • Energy clearing on an emotional level and mind level
  • Interference or energetic resonance with specific people
  • No body mantras invocation or too much focus in the last few days - I have been doing activations every morning consistently but not using specific mantras for these practices
  • Etc.
Except for the lack of sleep, most of the causes I feel are related with something I ate.

What seems to be highly probable causes are
  • slightly overeating with late night snack
  • too many sugars in the form of raisins and raw deserts
  • wheat
  • etc
Of all these the slight overeating could be the main element or a combination of these 3.

If slight overeating is the element that can trigger the energy block and drains your energetic resources, it is a very simple pattern.

Just tempted to eat another piece of raw pie when the body says stop.

This exact pattern is a central cause of pain and suffering on this planet.

Don't misunderstand what I am saying! My body and eating patterns are optimized at 80-100%.

I eat mainly raw, am very close to my ideal weight, move my body for at least a couple hours every day through dance, morning activation, yoga, power training and more.

What I experience today is a detail in a flow that is overall really good, but my spirit wants me to lock at the exact dynamics that happen this morning so that I can learn from it and help you better.

This is why I am spending time analyzing this in detail.

I use body wisdom, feelings, intuition combined with nutrition and body knowledge.

I will keep an eye on the exact dynamics of this process to find definite answers and easy solutions so these blocks are not triggered and my energy stays clear all the time.

This specific element has to do with a small adjustment in my nutrition patterns and would take my body optimization levels from 80-100% range to 90-100%

It would be the rising to a slightly higher energy level.

When you think of the difference be tween 1 kilo more and 1 kilo less, you might not realize how much this changes your energy!

Want an image to make you understand this?
Think of running with 2 x 500 grams shoes.

Imagine how much resistance this adds to your training session.

Having this small weight removed simply changes your training experience radically.

In the case of this morning, instead of listening to the small resistance, I went ahead and went through the blocks + drank a lot, especially fresh vegetable juice.if these energy blocks where not there.

Something else that really helped was to ad structure by setting up my training timer.

I have it set for 5 min sets with 1 min pause in between.

I didn't play music because my friends in the house were still sleeping but having dynamic music definitely enhances the experience too!  

But I would not need to tap into extra will power 

It has been about 2 hours now since I woke and I feel quite high.

About to take off for a 2 hour Sunday morning free dance jam.

To be followed - will keep you posted

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