In social or community scenes, gossips, judgement, exclusion and many more negative social behaviors can really hurt people.

Most people's reactions is to try to stop them.

They won't expose themselves publicly to protect themselves from judgement and gossip for instance.

If they have a new lover, they will often hide this new relationship until it is strong enough to take the social reflection impact.

What if these shadow behaviors don't hurt you but feed you?

In my experience gossip is just energy!

It can feed you!

Behind the words, there is just energy.

This what I experienced in many ways over the last few in social behaviors, especially in online social circles like facebook as well.

Exclusion which is simply a form of rejection.

Happens when a specific person, group or tribe doesn't open to you.

Basically they ignore you or don't invite you to their events.

You can feel miserable and abandoned or you can take steps to connect with other tribes or even be cool on your own.

This movement of exclusion on their side blocks their energy.

It's an energy game basically.

A little like some women and men play games in the dating world.

Same story.

So, having effective strategic responses to deal with these shadow social behaviors is essential.

You have to understand the dynamics!

Gossip, judgement or exclusion are attacks on your energy.

These attacks can reach your core or they can bounce on the surface of your energy and you stay untouched.

To do that you use energy ninja like techniques.

It's an energetic response you project when you see these behaviors projected on you.

In other terms, you stay centered, energized and unaltered by these shadow behaviors.

It is really that simple.

It is is like a social muscle that you train.

You have various power building techniques that you can use to give you energetic back up and keep you strong and centered.

These shadow projections from others are tests!

They are there to test your energetic strength, focus and power.

Overall, this specific shadow mastery is part of the YUDHA YAMA aspect of VITAL TANTRA.

In my VITAL COACHING SYSTEM it is within the dynamics of SOCIAL POWER which fits within RELATIONSHIPS DYNAMICS and MIND MASTERY.


These social shadow aspects I just described are all forms of conflict.

Gossips are organized social attacks.

Same with judgement.


In the exclusion dynamics you consciously or unconsciously deprive other human beings from love, connection and attention.

Because the person being deprived is investing expectations to be connected, they are investing energy in this potential connection.

The moment they are excluded it is like being robed and given back a reflection of their energetic investment.

In other terms they are energetically robbed.

These exclusions or love deprivation dynamics hapen all the time in social settings but they happen as well for instance between parents and kids.

For instance a father might deprive their daughter from love or a daughter might deprive their father from love.

These deprivation dynamics are super powerful and omni present in one way or another in people's lives.

Between lovers, it can be love and sex deprivation for instance.

Love and sex are simply two aspects of an energetic exchange.

So when you are love or sex deprived, you are simply deprived from a certain type of energy.

What if you could generate this energy from other sources.

The love that your parent might not give you, might come from another place, a spiritual place, the invisible or another form of social validation like professional recognition, fame or a very supportive circle of friends.

The challenge happens when you expect something and don't get it.

You are programmed by nature to be polarized on your parents for love, support and attention.

So, when this love doesn't come from these sources it naturally takes some energetic adaptation to receive this love from other sources.

Back to social circles and these subtle social shadow attacks.

The social exclusion dynamics are very similar.

You need to shift your perception and energetic posture in these situations and train your SOCIAL POWER muscles.

My favorite power building tactic that totally shifts your perception of these social shadow dynamics is KALI POWER.

It's a simple set of practices that give you a huge energetic resource to win these challenges.

This is what we train within the YUDHA YAMA techniques of VITAL TANTRA

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