The first few TANTRA SESSIONS are all full success!

Lots of refined energy and connection, nurturing and beauty created.

What would make them even better?

More experience, more flow, etc.

What's the real intention?

With coaching it was new tactics and strategies and mind sets shifts. 

With TANTRA SESSIONS we in the nurturing zone, healing, harmonization and beauty based!

It is no longer a mental process, something else is happening!

What is that tradition of TANTRA SESSIONS or TANTRA ACTIVATIONS within the tantra system?

Where do we encounter it?

Where does it match in your own evolution?

It is the conscious activation of refined energy in someone's life.

And what does it do exactly?

It gives love!

Coaching is power!


And of course these 2 lines mix and overlap!

Activation is a heart based experience.

Coaching is a head based experience.

The main quality they receive from me is love! 

Conscious use and awakening of sexual energy can be manifested but what you get is just that:

Various expressions of love, exactly in the same way that coaching is offering various expressions of power.


My whole being is getting aligned to be able to transmit that energy and activate it in others easily and safely.

This energy is as well in the core of VITAL GATE.

My whole energy body is integrating and bringing in higher flows of this energy, be comfortable with it, manipulate it, play with it.

So this is the LOVE SPIRIT manifesting itself.

Yes! that's the TANTRA SPIRIT.

Coaching for power.

Tantra for love.

Of course that's a powerful simplification.

In reality, what is being transmitted in a session is way more than just one quality.

I use these words love and power as colors intentions.

These two systems are totally parallel and often overlap.

There is more than that of course.

The essential energies of coaching and tantra are different sources or different energetic polarities that feed various aspects and needs of human life.

As I write these posts, I realize as well that instead of calling them activation sessions, or energy activations, the expression TANTRA SESSIONS or TANTRA ACTIVATIONS emerges now very clearly.


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