Teasing and activating conscious conflict or friction in a safe space is a powerful tool!


Because aggressive impulses are there and exposing them is the way to go!

Friction is energy and having no idea how to manage and use conflict and friction in creative ways.

You see, right now when aggressive impulses kick in, they are often expressed in various ungrounded ways.

You might tend to be enslaved by emotions you don't control and overpower.

The results are not too empowering!

For most people, the reaction is a denial of these impulses.

You might try to suppress them, put a lid on them or use them in ways that are not very progressive.

These aggressive impulses which is just conquering energy trying to break free, might get locked, unsolved like trapped noddy energy in your body and mind.

We can do better as a human race and bring these impulses to the surface, activate them safely in creative ways.


This is the answer I came up with for the creative manifestation of these impulses.

Aggressive impulses mastery goes way beyond a playshop format!

Fights, tensions and frictions are everywhere in society, often sustained by years of tension building attitudes.

The skills to own and master these aggressive impulses are essential to thrive!

It's not about suppressing, it is about owning your shadow!

It is not about ignoring it! It is about mastering it!

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