In the last 3 months, I started hitting a limit with raw food.

Basically the urge to ad some cooked food mainly in the form of carbs like potatoes, rice or bread kicked in really strong.

So I did and feeling a bit strange about it.

It was a strong feeling of a physical unbalance.

It is the first time in years of raw food practice that I had such a strong urge.

That urge didn't go away.

It stayed now for 2 months with ups and downs and I have been having cooked carbs maybe 5 times/week either for lunch or dinner a side dish to my salads and smoothies.

I just found the answer to why this strong craving started kicking in.

About 6 months ago, I stopped using raw flour in my salalds, smoothies and breakfast because of being in community setting and adapting to other people's needs.

THis means that the whole flour that has been a strong and consistent source of carbs in my raw diet for years was suddenly dropped.

I sustained the raw for about 3 months without craving cooked carbs.

Then I lost weight, faced some strong energetic imbalance and felt the urge to ad the cooked carbs.

a few days ago, I added again the flour (yes it wheat, whole wheat, maybe roasted, not sure) to smoothies and salads

craving for cooked carbs disappears.

you sense of balance in my body.

That's what I eat when I am outdoor.

Always good supply of energy and feels very stable.

The feeling in my body is radically shifting as soon as I start using the flour.

It brings back a form of energetic and grounding balance.

I do feel that the use of raw flour is definitely an essential aspect of sustaining a raw diet for me.

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