I realized something this morning.

It is that you have different roles in life.

For instance you can be a business manager and a husband.

Suppose that your wife works for you as well.

Imagine that you are emotionally abusive in the way you treat her at work and you are cool as a husband.

She might withdraw love and sex from you because you are an abusive boss.

What I mean by that is that the different roles or identities you have in life overlap and they are not fully separate.

Yes, they are separate to a certain extent but they impact on each other as well.

Another example:

You might be a really corrupted politician and abuse the power that was given to you.

And you might be a really good father for your kids who love you.

They love you and feel safe because they are not exposed to your corrupted shadows.

This is a fascinating point concerning shadows because it fundamentally impacts your perception of others.

For instance a man might be totally abusive at home and the coolest guy in social circles.

If his wife complains to a friend, that friend might say: "What are you talking about? He seems like the nicest guy to me..."


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