The path back to lights is now opening up!

After one hard core week of shadow exploration, the energy now shifts to lights!

Lights are positive aspects of human consciousness that develop the light body.

It feels that right now that's what dive into.

In the same that we looked at shadow mastery, you can look at LIGHT MASTERY as the target to conquer.

Many people are not too familiar or even energetically allergic to many light concepts.

I see sometimes people negatively responding to words like bliss or love as if these words were empty or without substance.

This is what we dive into mow to bring back power, intensity and activation to all these light aspects so that we can play with both lights and shadows.

What's emerging now is that shadows are energetic sources to lights!

Shadows feed the lights and lead the way into lights.

This like the Yin Yang symbol when black leads to white in a circular way.

The challenge is not the shadow itself, the challenge or pain emerges when your energy is not adapted to the challenge and your tools are not ready for battle when needed.


Lights get empowered by shadows!

It's exactly like Yin Yang again!

The light is given shape because of the shadow!

It is in this apparent duality that life manifests.

Of course, behind that in the energy realms, there is only energy.

Light and Shadow is a human perception.

Is it real for other spheres and dimansions.

Even on the etheric realms, is there still light and shadow or are we back in a sumple unified field.

What about angels?

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