If you engage in tantric sexual explorations with a partner or lover, you will set up clear boundaries and agreements concerning the levels of commitment you want to be in.

For instance, you can decide to be sexually exclusive while you interact with that person.

You can as well decide to stay totally free and not make any concessions concerning your freedom.

If you stay totally free, what does that mean in clear?

  • It means that you owe nothing to the other person
  • That you are totally free to see other lovers
  • That you can step out of practice with that lover any time
  • That the fact that you spend a night together doesn't give you the right to claim each other
  • Etc
What matters is that the agreements are clear and that you don't mislead each other by not displaying or sharing your intentions.

If you don't want to have your freedom limited in any way, the express that this is what you want.

If that's something that your lover expresses, then instead of putting them under pressure, let them know that this is not something you can play with.

These agreements are really subtle and can generate deep tensions and disagreements in your connection.

This might interfere with your practice and the energy you can build and generate together.

The way I personally put it is:
  • I am drama free
  • There is no story
  • You are totally free
  • You owe me nothing
  • I owe you nothing
  • I don't claim you
  • You don't claim me
  • We are free to step out of it any time
  • I don't put pressure on you
  • You don't put pressure on me
  • I don't have expectations
  • You don't have expectation.
  • You are free to say yes or no to anything I offer you
  • I am free to say 
  • Etc
These values, boundaries and statements are very firm and clear and they do protect the tantric exchanges.

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