You have many variations for that one. Here are some synonyms
  • Aggressing
  • Attacking
  • Disrespecting
  • Impertinence
  • Insolence
  • Irreverence
  • Rebelling
  • Bullying
  • Degrading
  • Torturing
  • Persecuting
  • Identity attacking
  • Reputation attacking
  • Character annihilation
  • Cursing
  • Revenge
  • Retaliation
  • Harassing
  • Guerilling (New word! Yay!)
  • Insulting
  • Violating
  • Raping
 This is another shadow aspect that you might try to avoid or repress.

Aggressiveness is a conquering force that allows you to conquer new territories.

In many situations aggressiveness is not needed but you might still use it because of an uncontrolled energetic pattern that overpowers you.

For instance, if you face a challenge with a lover, a respectful and loving tone might be more appropriate than an aggressive one.

If someone verbally attacks you, do you run away, listen or fight back?

What do you do?

In many situations like in contact sports or business, using aggressiveness might be the best tactic and highly encouraged.

Aggressiveness can be a useful weapon.

In many other life situations, the same aggressive attitude is totally inappropriate.

It all comes to mastering that weapon!

Aggressiveness is a weapon, tool and skill!

The goal is to master it rather than being dominated by it.

You can master this energy when you are the one using it or when it is projected on you.

Possible tactics about aggressiveness are denial, suppression or energy shift.

You put a label on aggressiveness and consider it bad or wrong.

And even after putting a label on it, this same aggressiveness might come out in the form of verbal attack, blame or emotional threat.

Aggressive energy is everywhere around us.

They are on the road, in communication patterns, in organizations, in families, in schools, in movies and so on.

If you start looking for it, you will recognize it dozens of times a day!

I am sure you would be blown away by how many times it appears in your day.

On a large scale, aggressiveness shapes a lot of what happens on this planet.

Look at armed conflicts, business strategies, sports, domestic violence, divorce, crime and more!


Take a minute to consider how present this energy is in and around you.

To win this battle you want to master that energy!

This is what we look at now.

If you look at specific tactics to master aggressiveness when it it projected on you, here are some of the tactics you might tap into:
  • Detachment from the attack
  • Setting up a boundary
  • Educating the aggressor
  • Leaving
  • Emotional release like tears or laughter
  • Change your perception of aggressiveness and see it in a new light
  • Accept it with no judgement
  • Fight back
  • Etc.
Aggressive patterns are often used when you want to be direct with someone.

Most conversations stay in the boring, non risky, small talk and safe zone.

We call it small talk because it is precisely small and often uninteresting.

To make it interesting, you make it more direct and real.

The direct vibe you when you are true is fun and exciting.

Disrespect is another aggressiveness form.

Synonyms for that one are impertinence, insolence or irreverence.

These are all milder variations of aggressiveness.

Aggressive actions can be used on property, countries, organizations not just people.

Sometimes attacks are directed to your belongings or property not directly you as a person.

Sometimes aggressive behaviors are simply mild disrespect like spilling red wine on your white carpet and not caring.

Aggressiveness might be expressed as insults.

Insults can be words but they can as well be attitudes or soft suggestive judgments.

You might get offended by something that implied instead of being directly said.

Aggression can as well be directed at oneself in the form of self inflicted pain or self destructive actions like suicide.

Softer forms of self destructive actions like smoking or drug use can as well be seen as soft forms of aggression on the body.

Aggression doesn't need to be explosive.

It can be passive, slow and very progressive.

Aggressive attitudes might include playing loud music, aggressive driving, aggressive tone of voice, passivity or aggressive body language.

Aggression doesn't need to be physical, it can be way more subtle.

It can as well be an attack on someone's identity or reputation.

You can call that "character annihilation".

Persecution is another form of repeated aggression on a group, nation or tradition.

Persecution on a large scale can become a genocide.

Harassing is attacking repeatedly.

Guerilling means using guerrilla tactics.

It is harassing in the context of armed conflicts

Insults can be directed at one person, one self, a group, a gender, an age group, a whole nation, a religion, a profession and so on.

Violating means invading, penetrating without a person's consent.

Violation of human rights is an aggression of someone's personal integrity.

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