Of course, anxiety is a mild variation of fear:

You have:
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Terror
I started researching anxiety years ago and was blow away by what I discovered!

Within 1 hour of brainstorming I easily identified 40+ anxiety forms that might influence you or those you know.

Check this out!
  • Financial anxiety - Fear of not having enough money
  • Income anxiety - Same
  • Material anxiety - Fear of not being able to provide house or food
  • Romantic anxiety - Fear of not finding a partner
  • Emotional anxiety - Feeling anxious without even really knowing why
  • Professional anxiety - Overwhelm and stress at work
  • Physical threat - any form of danger, crime, nature, etc.
  • Health anxiety - Fear of disease and body decay
  • Death/Loss anxiety - Related with losing a family member, or friend
  • Divorce/Breakup anxiety - loss of lover and partner
  • Sexual anxiety - Fear associated with sex like STD's, sexual performance, rape threat, etc
  • Sexual performance anxiety - Fear of not being able to perform well enough
  • School anxiety - Grades, performance, threat from teachers, bullying, etc
  • Food anxiety - Afraid of not making the right choices, negative impact, bad foods, etc
  • Life choices/Destiny anxiety - not knowing where to go, what to do with your life
  • Technological anxiety - Technological overwhelm, feeling of not being able to cope with new technologies
  • Shopping anxiety - Choices, bargains, discounts, scams
  • Missing out anxiety - Fear that you don't attend some event you will miss your chance
  • Crime anxiety - Urban insecurity
  • Parenting anxiety - Feeling of inadequacy as a parent - Insecurity concerning your kids - Fears of lack of achievement for your kids
  • Pollution/Toxins/Germs/EMF (electro magnetic fields) anxiety - Fears of the impact that those have on your body
  • Home loss / Home less anxiety - Fear of not having a roof on your head, fear of loss of social status, fear of discomfort and lack of physical and emotional security
  • Job loss anxiety - Fear of getting fired
  • Assets anxiety - Fear of having your car scratched or stolen
  • Body image anxiety - Fear of not looking good enough - Body image insecurity
  • Performance anxiety - Sports - Sex - School - Job - Dating
  • Relationship anxiety - Fear of not being loved, being betrayal, being cheating upon
  • Dating anxiety - Fear of rejection, inadequacy, etc.
  • Natural disaster anxiety - Fear of hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption
  • Environmental anxiety / Environmental disaster anxiety - Fear that we are destroying our environment - Fear of human activity related catastrophic impact
  • Epidemic anxiety - Fear of diseases
  • Government/Totalitarian anxiety - Fear that the government removes your civil rights, abuses, etc.
  • Corporate abuse anxiety - Fear that the corporations you trusted turn against you, banking, frauds, etc.
  • Conspiracies anxiety / insecurity - Fear that the government or some secret organization is conspiring against you
  • Paranoia anxiety - Belief that life is conspiring against you 
  • Internet anxiety / insecurity - fear of loss of personal freedom and privacy, not being able to deal with the information overwhelm, etc.
  • Alien invasion anxiety - Fear that the planet will be taken over by beings from outer space
  • Time management anxiety - Feeling of overwhelm no matter how hard and how efficiently you work - Feeling that you run out of time
  • Transferred anxiety / compassionate anxiety / care giver anxiety  - Feeling anxiety for the threat on someone or something else - Children, loved ones, third world, disinherited, animals, trees, environment
  • Laws and regulations anxiety - Feeling threatened by given laws
  • Taxes anxiety - Threat from tax departments
  • National security anxiety - Fear of invasion or aggression by another country, religious or political entity
  • Military threat anxiety - Fear as national security threat + threat on citizens from own military power
  • Police threat - Fear of abusive law enforcement practices, police intimidation
  • Economic invasion anxiety - Fear that national economy will be taken over by of another country's economical power
All these categories can of course be subdivided further in subcategories.

For instance children at school might have anxiety around bullying, grades, exams, specific teachers, abuse, future, etc.

Work related anxieties will as well have many similar subcategories.

In your relationship, again same story.

This is why you have professionals focusing on just one area like child psychology, carrier advising or relationship counseling

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