A lot of the hatred that comes your way has nothing to do with you being a bad person.

You can see hatred as a vast network of energy, a little like an intelligent shadow being that pushes humankind forward in its evolution.

Some people who tend to hate a lot or create a lot of conflicts are very active in this net.

Their role is to activate the hate net.

They actively look for victims, targets and behaviours on which they can project their need for hatred.

They do that because they are overwhelmed, overpowered by these energies and have a lot of it in them.

To fulfill their destiny they keep on going in cycles of hatred expression.

When you come in their field they actively look for the vulnerabilities in your system.

The moment they see a gap, a crack in your walls, an imperfection, they might attack.

They go for it because that's their nature.

Look at predators in the wild!

See the way they behave!

They are systematically looking for preys to feed themselves because that's in their nature.

For those who are active in the hate net, the same kind of dynamics applies.

They are simply fulfilling their destiny by projecting their aggressive intentions.

This doesn't mean that the situation is stacked and crystallized forever.

We are evolving as human beings.

As we change certain behaviors, certain instinctual responses become obsolete.

We develop new ways of being and integrate a higher level of love and wisdom in our behaviours.

It can as well go the other way around.

Someone who has been very kind their whole life can suddenly tap into new shadow behaviors.

They might become nasty or manipulative.

Someone who has been feeding the shadow net a lot can shift to feeding the light net in the exact same way.

You shift streams of action by tuning into new behaviors.

In simplistic terms someone naturally becomes a better person.

Or someone who has been nice their whole life might suddenly join shadow forces.

There is nothing strange about what I describe.

This is simple human nature.

It is the play of light and darkness, birth and death or Yin and Yang.

It it is directly linked with human existence.

When someone accesses lighter behaviors, they shift hatred and maybe other shadow behaviors and replace them by positive and friendly attitudes.

We just analyzed the hatred pattern, but the same kind of dynamics applies to many other shadow expressions.

For instance some people are addicted to judging.

Some others will be addicted to starting arguments.

As soon as they see an opportunity they jump in because arguing feeds them.

It gives them energy.

The same dynamics apply to other shadows like being aggressive, attacking, abusing, etc.

By the way, there is no point in judging others or accusing them of shadow expression because everyone plays a rol in that net.

We do that directly or indirectly.

This shadow net does permeate life in so many ways.

There is really no point in judging or blaming others as if they were the bad ones.

If you look in your own life, you will easily discover your own shadow expressions.

You get the picture, right?

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