It feels like I have often been naive when it comes to energetic battles and arguments.

I will play the transparence card and open up, reveal and I will see all that used in attacks against me.

This is something that happens to anyone.
You must be smart and discover that the shadow is always watching!


Someone might be a friend one moment and become your enemy when the wind shifts!

The level of permanence in the friendship line is far from absolute!

Think of divorce battles!

Your ex might use everything they can to destroy you!

Same with friendships or business colleagues!

So, when working with shadows, you must be aware that winds can change anytime and what you reveal today might be used against you tomorrow!

Don't be naive!

Shadows are watching and sometimes it is just a matter of time before a light turns into a shadow.

Every person has shadows!

Identify them and discover how to play with them as you are in the flow!

Even in the light building tactics, protect your lights!

Preserve them as super precious energy activation patterns!

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