Some core concepts I cover here:
It's weird because I just realized how much humor can be used as a weapon.

We can call anything a shadow.

Maybe it's the intention that makes it a shadow or not.

For instance you can say "Fuck you!" to someone and be filled with love and laughter as it comes out.

Or you could say "I love you" to someone while you drive a knife in their stomach.

You can use love as manipulation to get what you want and trade kindness for financial reward.

This happens a lot with couples and dating.

A man will be generous in exchange for a woman's loving kindness.

He stops paying for dates and she gets distant.

Is it because the love is not real?

Well, sometimes it can be really fake.

And it can as well be real but conditional.

You might say that love is unconditional.

Yeah right!

Love is always conditional to some degree.

If you are not sure, I invite you to it check out.

Back to the core topic.

Everything can be a shadow.

This idea just appeared in my mind this morning and is not fully mature yet.

Still investigating that one.

With the example of "Shadow love", you unveil a core human dynamic you might sometimes experience.

Your lover might say "I love you" but you don't fully trust it.

You feel hidden motives or lies.

It might sense betrayal or cheating.

The expression of love is real but you feel a disturbance in the field.

You feel an unspoken lie that is not revealed yet.

So, yes!

Love can clearly be a form of manipulation!

Don't get too stacked on that one though!

I am not talking about all love and all its expressions.

I am talking about specific situations where love has a strong shadow to it.

You could as well see it as a mix of intentions and combined emotions and separate the expression of love from the shadow aspect that would be manipulation.

You can look at it this way: love stays pure but is mixed with shadow qualities.

A person will always be a mix of light and shadow aspects.

Some people are in the shadow a lot.

Some people are more in the light.


Pride is another example of this double energetic quality.

Pride can be a shadow or a quality depending on how you look at it.

For instance a father might say to his son "You can be proud of yourself! Look at what you achieved!"

In spiritual circles, you might hear that pride is an expression of your ego and should be suppressed.

What do you think?

Is pride shadow light?

Or both?

How do you see it?



Another example!

Depending on the context competitiveness can be seen as a quality or as a flaw.

It depends on who you compete with!

If you compete with members of your own team, that's an obstacle to success.

If it's to win in business, that's a quality.



Another quality that has a double aspect to it, both light and shadow.

Again, in competitive spheres, being aggressive is cool.

When back at home, being aggressive is not cool!




Another example is the use of words like "honey", "darling" or "sweetie" in couple conversations.

These terms are often used in derogatory, smothering or patronizing ways.

You might feel a conflict between the word and the energy behind it.

The actual energy contained in the word might be resentment, anger, irritation, fear or threat.

See behind the veil!

What matters is not the word, it is its emotional content, how it is used and in what context!

Do an ENERGY FEEL on what comes your way.

Don't look at the surface!

Look at what's inside!

Ha! Ha!

Trojan horse!


In many cases, a "Fuck you!" can be the sweetest thing , a playful challenge, a sign of love and trust or the expression of a deep connection!

See the energy! 

What does the energy tell you?

This is where the core transmission is!


This is a vast topic!

I might come back to it another time.

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