Other terms for that one are:
  • Manipulation
  • Playing games
  • Misleading
  • Using people and being used
  • Influence
  • Selling
Here are some core ideas:

  • Influence or manipulation in marketing are tactics aimed at selling whatever you have to offer.
  • You might use manipulation in many ways to get what you want.
  • Asking for money with a smile might get you $100 from a parent, friend or lover.
  • If you don't get what you want, you might retaliate with emotional threat.
  • Submitting someone to emotional threat is a manipulation tactic!
  • Love or sex withdrawal is another manipulation tactic.
  • A tantrum is manipulation aimed at getting attention or something you want. It is a coping strategy to get something.
Here are some simple manipulation tactics:
  • Getting someone to say yes by asking for something small first.
  • Giving compliments to befriend someone.
  • Making small gifts to make the other person feel like they owe you something.
  • Etc.
Manipulation is powerful and not always used for bad purposes.

You might manipulate crowds to bring awareness or raise funds for a charity.

If you are interested by these tactics and want to develop manipulation skills, google "manipulation" or "influence tactics", thousands of pages of free resources come up.

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