Cheating, betrayal, lies, manipulation, passion, possessiveness, etc.

If you face these shadows, what do you do with them.

Are you a cheater?

What do you do if someone cheats on you?

Mastering the sex shadows means having tools and weapons to face any challenges you might face.

It means being prepared to patterns that are in and around you all the time.

What do you do when the shadow arises?

How do you navigate it if you betray your lover?


If you are possessive what's the best response to stand in this emotion and own it?

The pain in that shadow is when you are possessive and you say you are not, or want to be something else.

The guilt that you create by not owning that shadow leads to this inner division of your being, this internal conflict that results in emotional pain!

The moment you affirm "Yes! I am possessive and I love it!"

What was shadow is revealed.

The inner conflict between what you are and what you would rather be is dissolved.

That's the internal solution!

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