Back 40'000 years ago, stealing food to feed your children in the middle of a harsh winter could save their lives.

This is why stealing was designed by nature.

It doesn't mean that stealing is justified today but in some situations, stealing might save your life or be good in other ways.

Think of Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Imagine that you are in Alaska and a bear chases you.

You run to the river and see a canoe that is not yours.

Stealing it and paddling away will save your life!

Is it ok to steal it?

Of course, right?

Your life is more precious than the integrity gap that you just create by taking something that is not yours.


Stealing can as well mean robbing someone from an unsubstantial quality, like pride or love.

The expression "stealing energy" is used when someone drains your energy through endless conversations or other energy draining actions.

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