What makes it shadow is that it is denied energy, love, attention, nurturing, care.

Imagine a shadow pattern as a tiny elemental intelligent being.

Imagine that this being gets no attention and nurturing.

It becomes shadow because it is hidden and denied.

The moment you give it attention and care, you bring energy where there was darkness.

The completion of human evolution might happen once all shadows have been explored and mastered!

As long as these shadows stay hidden and denied, human evolution stays stacked in its progress.

What makes it shadow is the fact that it is being denied.

The moment shadows are accepted and embraced, duality dissolves. 

Light and shadows simply become energy.

When that happens a new cycle of human awareness and life mastery is completed.

Emotional pain and tensions are often the result of non mastery of these shadow aspects.

Emotional tension is the conflict between what you feel and the rejection of these feelings.

You tend to reject these feelings because of moral values that want you to suppress these shadows.

We look at embracing rather than suppressing.

The moment you accept your shadows and energize them, inner conflict disappears.

All shadow are designed by nature.

They are emotions, behaviors, mind sets aimed at dealing with specific life challenges.

All shadows can be used in positive ways.

The use of a specific shadow is often the best response to a given challenge.

Inner conflict arises when morality kicks in.

Morality are commands and rules to guide and harmonize human behaviors.

The goal of morality is to direct human activity in order to all live in harmony.

With morality comes the separation between right and wrong.

You start feeling guilt and shame when exposed to your shadows.

Let's take the example of criticism.

You might have a belief that says: "It is wrong to criticize".

This means that guilt is triggered when you criticize.

Criticism is denied in you and it becomes a shadow.

In denying it you create this inner conflict between an original instinctual impulse to criticize and the moral construct that says that criticizing is bad.

You can use this same "inner conflict building" model for all your shadows.

The mechanism is always the same.

Nature creates a behavior.

That behavior is labelled as bad.

Society sets a "moral rule" to disqualify that behavior.

Today we are on a new journey.

Morals have been successfully guiding us.

The world might be in a real mess if it wasn't for the moral rules imposed on humankind.

They have been a protection against destructive patterns.

We are now on a new phase of this exploration and start giving energy to these shadows again.

By doung so, we bring harminisation and fresh energy in these spheres.

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