This message is especially for women.

Often in life, you end up trapped in this ideal partner search.

If you are straight, this means that you spend sometimes months or years looking for this ideal male partner.

You want this male partner to express all qualities you look for in the ideal man.

Your instinct is tuned in searching for someone who is the closest to the ideal male archetype you have in mind.

This quest can be frustrating because every man you meet will have flaws that are in dissonance with this ideal you have in mind.

When it comes to tantra, of course, you energetically connect with a man and find these qualities in him.

And a big part of this TANTRIKA DANCE is to find this ideal male, god figure or shiva inside of you.

You can access these qualities by activating them in the way you relate to life.

You can discover your power, your deep presence, inner security, this sense of male energy dancing inside of you.


You just happen to be in a female body but energetically you can connect and embody SHIVA as well.

This means that you turn inside your quest for the ideal masculine and realize that this ideal masculine is already with you.

Once you do, and connect with this energy, your relationship to men fundamentally shifts.


Because you gain a new sense of energetic independence.

You feel emotionally free from this outer quest!

You realize that the world is already an open playground of male female dynamics and you can access them all even if you are in a female body.

Does that mean that you eventually totally disconnect from men in their physical body?

Not at all!

You can if you want to but you don't have to.

You simply come from a place of completion rather than from a place of need.

The urge to play and connect sexually will probably still be there but the neediness or dependence is partially gone because you already have these qualities inside of you.

So, how do you do that?

You cultivate a relationship with both male and female deities or qualities.

Surround yourself by pictures of Shiva and other deities.

Invoke them through prayer, mantras, meditation, singing.

Honor the masculine in every man you meet.

Develop power and presence.

The goal is not to replace the feminine qualities that are in you.

The goal is to be able to play both at will with feminine and masculine.

It is to invoke both Shiva and Shakti.

Once this connection with the masculine is activated, your life becomes juicier and way more independent!

It gives you a sense of renewed power that you can use in everything you do in life.

If you do prefer tuning into the shakti aspects, that's great!

Yes, you can totally stay in the feminine roles and energies and allow men to provide the Shiva qualities for you.

This polarization is deep, high energy and totally healthy.

What I am giving you here is a possible alternative.

Again, this invitation is neither exclusive or even directive.

It is a simple open suggestion to start exploring the male or Shiva qualities inside of you.

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