Focus can mean sometimes discipline but it can mean many other things as well.

Sometimes all the discipline you will need to dedicate your day to that energy is a 5 min morning activation practice!

That's it.

Yes, you can as well use solid will power and spend days diving in focused practice!

That works too!

The idea is to be a master of your practice, not a slave!

There is more than discipline.

In my experience, it is 90% flow and fun and 10% discipline.

It doesn't need to be hard work, on the contrary!

It can be high energy, based on passion and flow, spontaneous, flexible and easy!

The whole idea that you need to struggle to get somewhere is really outdated!

These days my new focus is all on ease, fun and flow!

No struggle or drama needed!

That's good news, right?

Yes, you can use discipline and will power here and there!

These are powerful weapons to make solid progress but there is way more than that!

Flow! Fun! Ease!

Remember these terms as well in any aspect of your TANTRIKA TRAINING.

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