Tantra is a lot about energies.

And these energies arise, circulate, flow in you and between you and others.

You can activate a tantric connection remotely by using very specific techniques.

With a tantric lover, you can be physically touching, physically present but not touching, or in different locations.

When you are in different locations, that's telepathic or purely energetic exchange or activation.

Rather than seeing the energy activated in you two as a an energy circulating from you to them or the other way round, see it as a synchronized activation.

This means that the spirit sponsoring this exchange activates you both at the same time.

The impulse that you send out or activate in you is activated in the other person at the exact same moment.

It is not energy travelling at the speed of light from one point to another.

It is a synchronized activation where the angelic force is activated in both of you at the same time, creating a synchronized experience.

None of these experiences take place without the spirit that sponsors that connection.

It is there all the time and sometimes we will consciously play with these remote links or remote activations which trigger telepathic exchanges.

Call it the spirit of tantra, energy, an angelic force, deva, shakti, whatever suits your perception.

The point is that this is where the magic is.

It is this triangle between 3 intelligent beings that activates tantra.

Here are some simple techniques to try if you are face to face on skype:
  • Eye contact silent
  • Synchronized slow breathing
  • Dynamic breathing
  • Orgasmic breath with sound
  • Etc.
Dozens more techniques you can try.

These are the early stages.

Stay focused on one technique for 5 min.

This means, set up a timer and practice one technique.

Take a one min break and take another technique.

Do 3 techniques in a row for a 15 min exchange.

When you are done, stay silent for a while and then leave the exchange.

Leave on a high!

Don't go into conversation mode or you will overlap and partially neutralize the impact of the practice.

You can activate these practices with skype or phone.

The goal is to train these remote skills.

This is like a tantric muscle that you activate and it takes 1 to 3 months of regular practice to become really good at it.

Be focused and take one small step at a time.

Try these techniques a few times and send me a message to tell me how it went.

I can give you many more techniques and show you how to use more very powerful mantras.

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