On a practical note, we have powerful activations starting every morning at 7.

These are energy techniques that free and wake up your life fire - Breakfast together - Sharing + 2 more group or individual sessions depending on who is there.

Afternoons are free or free flow.

We use them for individual tantra sessions or coaching sessions or simply to rest, integrate or go to town.

Evenings are open as well - We'll often eat together in town in cool places.

We have 5 days of focused, powerful active training, Mon to Fri.

Sat and Sun are open space for integration and light sessions and sharing if needed.

Light breakfast and lunch are included in the training.

We prepare them together, easy recipes like salads and smoothies.

For the training, come for a minimum of one week.

Ideally arrive Sunday and leave the following Monday.

If you have more than 8 days you can of course extend your training to 10 days or 2 weeks for instance.

You can as well go for full months training when it is aligned with your vision.

I have 2 packages right now.

The first one is full training and includes one daily 1 hour individual tantra or coaching session.

These individual sessions are great to deepen your tantra practice, healing, or get targeted coaching on any burning topic like relationships, life purpose or career.

That first package is $500/week.

All training, personal coaching, accommodation, breakfast and lunch are included.

If you are on a limited budget you can as well go for the cheaper option but you don't get the daily personal tantra sessions or coaching, just group sessions/activations, and the accommodation/food.

That second option is $250/week.

If you want to do the activations without living at vital gate with no personal sessions, I have a price now of $150/week.

If you are aligned to get these powerful life skills, know that Vital Tantra is a complete life mastery system that gives you the energetic tools to master all aspects of your life.

The end target is the big picture! Life and energetic mastery!

I had already 12 years of solid full time spiritual training when I launched my coaching practice back in 2002.

I wrote dozens of books, recorded thousands of targeted audios and videos and my site contains 8000 pages of targeted articles

I coached hundreds of clients and my material impacts on the lives of million + people each year

I don't say this to brag. I simply want you to know that this is not beginners stuff but advanced direct tactics to activate your deepest powers and potentials!

This training is the nectar of everything I discovered in these 25 years of personal and spiritual exploration.

I act in total respect for the multidimensional being that you are.

I listen to your spirit, to your deepest wishes, your destiny line.

Come and activate this experience in you!

It will pump up your power, presence vision.

This is an essential set of skills that you will use forever.

It will be incredible to welcome you here! I look forward to meet you!

About Shiva Rajaya

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