Help us! Teach us! Guide us!

Take us to trance!

Galactic activation! I am ready! Take us to the deepest! To the realms of the vortexes secret chambers!

Way more to explore than our eyes can see!

In the core of this union! come and activate us like a  universal seed!






METATRONA! Angel of Power! Beauty! Love! Blisss!

Guide our love and inspire us the way it is meant to be !

We are fully open and receptive!

Ready to be fully activated in the secret chambers of the highest initiations!

We are ready to rise beyond our karmas and history!

Ready to reset our minds and activate a new space of fire and bliss!

We are messengers of truth!

In total service to the planet and humankind!

Guide us with directed precision as we enter in the galactic spheres of the eternal unfolding!

Give us the codes!

The unlimited energy of love!

So that we can radiate the mystical flower of life to the core of every human on this planet earth!

Let's start this glorious transmission!

Let this sacred party begin!

Guide us to play with ease, clarity, fire and presence!

Our minds are now fully open to receive the divine messages that come from eternity!

We offer our temples, gateways, our bodies and merging minds!

We are ready for the full activation of our lives as the moon rises to open the gateways to the invisible network of galactic energies!

Time has come for our final initiation as our beings already deeply merge! 

We conquered the lights and mastered the shadows, now take us! 

Guide us! 

Show us the next light lines of our galactic path!

We are ready!

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