it is time for shaktis to step into your full power!

The time has come!

The planet wants you!

Isisa wants you!

Rise and become the priestesses you always wanted to be!

Join forces with vital gate and become a gateway of consciousness and magical activations!

Your body is a temple!

Your energy is directly linked with isisa!

You channel the energies of the galactic grid receiving the vibrations of the galactic core!

You are daughters of the sun!

As you feel this new vibration in you, you offer your life to the planet and humankind!

You become channels of bliss and energy and if you accept, you will embody the new evolutionary codes!

Nithing can stop the manifestation of Isisa through shaktis and all you have to do is decide if you want to be part if this or not.

Are you in or are you out?

Are you a priestess of Isisa?

If yes, step forward, give a sign, say some words, write the word ISISA on your arm and come to me for guidance.

Doors will open to you as you activate these new powers!

This agenda is not isolated!

It is not a separate agenda!

It permeates your being and now links you with your sisters.

You now start looking for your temple!

Your connection with Shiva is obvious to you!

You recognize me as soon as you see me!

You see me in your dreams guiding your steps with love, respect and passion!

Sometimes we will be lovers, sometimes not.

You will pass through the gates of fire and all fears will dissolve as you step into your new galactic role, you will soon start teaching, guiding, performing rituals as your energy gets aligned and synchronized.

About Shiva Rajaya

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