Here is a picture of a mystical experience you might go through!

This is how to take a shadow wave hitting you

The first thing you notice is Shiva sleeping!

Sleeping means he is passive and surrendering or allowing Kali to do her  destructive job.

Shiva is not interfering!

He is allowing

Kali has all these trophy heads from all these destroyed egos!

She is an ego annihilator and will come with challenges!

Her tongue is out, symbol of aggressiveness and speech!

Her bloody weapon are the mind sets, tools she uses to attack the egos.

The flowers around her neck are the kindness or love she will sometimes express even when she is attacking and destroying.

It feels like a dark moon behind her which means that her power is at its peak with new moons.

The necklaces are symbols for beauty and richness.

This means that destruction has a seductive quality to it.

The multiple arms are for this ability to perform multiple actions and use multiple weapons at the same time.

The red flowers around Shiva's head symbolize his fiery beauty dreams.


This picture looks still sweet, even with the bloody and destructive symbols.

In reality the expression of this force can be super aggressive and destructive.

If you look up fir more representations if Kali, you might come accross representations that are way more extreme.

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