Expand consciousness and Metatrona energy with inner meditation and telepathic exploration.

This means that I build, activate and influence my Metatrona field by using mantras as intentions, orders and instruct the field with these techniques.

It's a creative meditation experience rather than a static, fixed or repetitive.

In the past, my meditation training has often been associated with a static use of a single mantra or technique.

You stick to one mantra or technique for a few minutes to an hour without shifting.

This is different.

In this specific about 30 min session, I went through the spontaneous exploration of a dozen mantras with various shifting intentions.

I can't describe the process in detail and will check in to see if this is something I can actually share in depth in the future.

This means that I am training my angelic field, metatrona field through inner creative meditation or mantric activations.

It is a whole new journey because activations are now internalized rather than externalized in the form of written or spoken mantras.

The words external or internal are not right, I should use the words physical and mind.

What I am activating now is Metatrona mind training.

It is the mind activation of my Metatrona field.

It is a whole new stage of the activation of my angelic or Metatrona body.

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