You have dozens of definitions for the word tantra.

For me the definition "tantra" as "teaching" resonates really well.

And what is the teaching?

Is it a set of books, practices and techniques?

It can!

But an even deeper way to look at it is to see yourself as the teaching!

You are the embodiement and a living example of what tantra is!

This means that the emotional, energetic, mental or physical patterns that you express and live with are tantra.

That's if your tantric patterns are aligned and optimized in you.

You are tantra!

You are the teaching!

You manifest the patterns and the living expression of what tantra is about.

If I meet a teacher and they want to give me a book, I would rather witness their own live expression of what tantra is!

I will observe and integrate whatever I see them do or express!

The books, videos, techniques are all valuable as well of course!

But the manifested expression of tantra in a living form takes teaching to a new level!

Actions speak louder than words!

Show me by example rather than theory!

You want to teach?

Then be a living example of what tantra feels and looks like when it is manifested through you!

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