Each time I try to express what ISISA is or is not, I feel a strong limitation straight away.

I limit her field.


She goes way beyond anything I could express in a whole life time.

I have some ideas, yes!

But those ideas are the expression of my own visions through the filter of my own mind.

Especially when it comes to techniques, invocations, range of playing with her energy, each person could design a whole new system of invocations.

Defining a practice in crystallizing ways creates a belief that somehow invoking ISISA is crystallized.

It is not!

You connect with a filed of energy which is formless and unlimited.

Saying that you fully comprehend it because of having some insights is such a mistake.

Even if I was spending a whole life time writing dozens of volumes about what I feel, that would still be a small insignificant fraction of what this energy is.

Imagine me attempting the same experience 2000 years from now.

Of course my writing would be different.

Some of the essence might overlap but the practices, the specifics might be expressed in a whole different level.

The perception of her energy reality is evolving and shifting.

keeping this fundamental idea of ISISA INFINITA in the core of our minds is an essential aspect of manifesting this energy reality.

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